sábado, 7 de enero de 2012

My Life

Hey guysToday I come to show the first year's work I do is not a card, this time I present aminialbum who taught us to do Bricela Molina in a Facebook group called "Retando: La Creatividad" to participate had until yesterday, so good luck to the girls who did enter a time. I wanted to take this minialbum also participate in "sparks challenge" of Paper Smooches, for which we had to do any project inspired by the image below.

So I used every phrase image for each of the sections of the album. I did this for eachphrase made ​​me very interesting and great to take into account at the beginning of the year.

I titled the album "My Life" that is precisely what I want for me this year.

Starting with "Think Positively" many things could be better just thinking positive!

Exercise daily? Yes, why not? And not necessarily be going to the gym, my sister and I bought an Xbox with Kinect late last year and a dance game so I could start every day dancing, climbing stairs etc etc. You can always make exercise fun andI'm going to try.

Stay Strong! Especially in situations that are beyond our control and we can not control as we want.

Do not know if I can read more! But what awaits me in my profession, but surely if I can care lessI hope!

And foremost of course I plan to be simply happy! In any situation and go to bedbeing happy and having something to be thankful.

Relax, if only as needed and much love and be loved too!

And of course, never forget to liveWe only have one life and each must decide how to live, now more than ever I feel really alive and full control of how I choose to live!

Thank you very much for stopping a while to read this post, I wish good luck to all the girls who participated and I leave a kiss and a hug! See you Monday!
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